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Our Story


This is Josh and Summer Regel. On the outside, they may look like two quiet, unassuming pharmacists. And one of them may be. But much to her chagrin, the other is essentially a mad scientist...

It was on a mission trip to Honduras that one of Josh's trip partners mentioned  he was having a little chafing problem. So naturally, he approached Josh (he's a pharmacist, so that makes sense, right?) and asked if he had anything that would help. After all, the Regel's have a cream for everything...

It just so happened that Josh did have a cream normally for other assorted uses, but it worked well for anti-chafing. So when some of Josh's workout partners came to him with their own chafing woes, he knew he had just the thing. 

It worked well, but it was expensive and didn't last long. And that's when the mad scientist went to work. Using his skills and knowledge developed as a compound pharmacist, Josh soon created SlicNut. Now affordable and long lasting, SlicNut has become the anti-chafing gel for men who just won't quit. 

How does Summer feel about all this? Well, we assume her face says it all. 

Get some SlicNut, and keep training hard without pain!

 - The SlicNut Team

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